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About 10-8 Real Estate

          I am a NC Real Estate Agent with EXP Realty in Jacksonville, NC. I have always focused on land and absentee owners. Many of my clients had rental homes that had been damaged by tenants and didn't have the money to make the repairs. After dealing with some of the contractors for repairs and seeing what they were charging, I began doing a lot of the repairs for my clients myself. I've got a history in home repair and wood working. Due to the fact I don't have a large crew, I was able to keep my prices low and help my clients to get the highest return from selling their rental properties. 

          I have also partnered with property management firms for repairs and renovations to owners' properties that are vacant or occupied. I am competitive in my pricing and stand behind my work. I hold my general liability insurance. 

Why are repairs & renovations important?

When thinking of listing your property for sale or for rent, it is important to think of what can be done to maximize its value. Something as simple as painting your interior walls can on average increase your listing value by up to 5% according to To put that into perspective the average home in Jacksonville sells around $250,000 - $280,000. Thats $12,500-$14,000 for painting your interior walls (contact your local property manager to see what new paint could add to your rental value).



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